Ohio Bird Banding Association Business Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2017

Minutes taken by Rebecca Palmer, Secretary

The meeting was held at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Oak Harbor, OH.

Business Meeting:

1.       At 11:01 a.m. Bob Thobaben, Vice-President, calls OBBA meeting to order with twenty members in attendance.

2.       We attended a nice banding program this morning by Ashley at Black Swamp Bird Observatory. Thanks to Terri Thobaben and Mark Shieldcastle for assisting and hosting.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

3.       Minutes for the Spring 2017 meeting at Hueston Woods State Park were presented by Bob Scott Placier, President. A correction to the previous meeting’s minutes: there are actually 34 master banding permits in the state rather than 20, as previously reported. Tom Cashmere moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Jim. Minutes were approved.

4.       Laura Gooch from Cleveland will be the new treasurer. She presented last meeting’s treasurer report, submitted by Cheryl Dykstra, former treasurer. The current plan is to open a money market account. She hasn’t transferred treasurer signatures yet but will in the fall. The plan is to remain with the same bank due to all the red tape. Motion to accept the treasurer report by Julie West. Seconded by Brian. Treasurer report approved.  

5.       Dave Russell was absent to present research committee report due to his mother in law’s unfortunate passing.

6.       Membership Committee – Bob Thobaben reports currently there are 65 members of OBBA.

7.       Sandra Stone is given $100 a year to take care of the OBBA website. It’s easier to send website postings to Bob Thobaben and he will get the updates to her; be sure to include your contact information. The website was down for a little while. It’s up and running now but not running perfectly yet.

Other Reports/Business:

8.       Tom Bartlett reported the Midland Bird Banding Association meeting is Sept 29- Oct 1 in Kalamazoo MI.

9.       Mark Shieldcastle has heard nothing new back regarding the new Ohio banding protocol. The information is not on the banding website. Mark is willing to run our data and hand the file over to the State. He uses our location codes to align our banding sites with habitat cover. He didn’t hear about any problems associated with his submittals.  March 15th is the deadline to get the data to him. With the new banding lab system the data is live once submitted.

Old Business:

1.       Master banders have received their permits

2.       Telephones have been removed from the bird banding lab and everything will be submitted electronically due to staff cuts. $1.13 is the cost per band so be judicious.

New Business:

3.       We discussed meeting locations for next year. Trying to avoid Easter, maybe Saturday, March 24 in the spring? Suggested locations include Caesar Creek Lake, Camp Joy, Aullwood Audubon, Grange Audubon (Bob says the Grange smells). Bob Scott suggested Nelsonville and will look into it; could have local students attending the meeting there.

4.       It was suggested that the fall meeting be near Cleveland on August 18 or 25. Perhaps we could hold it at the Cleveland Museum Andy Jones could show us the avian collection? There is a new parking garage, so parking has improved since the last meeting there.

5.       Bob Scott Placier suggested Brian, who does Cerulean research at Cuyahoga National Park, as a speaker in the spring. Courtney Brennan just finished her masters on Veery song at Cleveland Natural History Museum and could be a potential fall meeting speaker.

6.       Bruce does Herring Gull research and has some concerns about color banding. A lot of people don’t know what to do when they see a color marked bird. State employees are sometimes the worst at reporting data. Bands sometimes get sold on websites like Ebay. Bruce suggested if you have a birding group, try to educate people to report bands they find. When scoping gulls take note of leg bands and report. If you have a spot to put up a sign asking people to report bands, Bruce has some fliers he will put on the OBBA website. Dick Tuttle suggested having a bander speak at an OOS meeting about reporting bands. The OBBA website has instructions on how to do so. Some color bands are numbered, and some are letters and numbers. The color bands are in addition to aluminum bands, so there is at least one band on each leg. Bruce uses pink bands. They try not to overlap band colors across the country.

7.       Tom Bartlett has mist nets for sale. Bob Powell has moved out of Ohio.  Dick suggested it may be helpful to have a map of banders and their location in case you need banding assistance. We have a list of banders and their counties on our website, but nothing visual. Mark Shieldcastle says permits are different now than they once were. Now it spells out what groups of people can band raptors vs. passerines, etc… Tom Cashmere and Lisa Rock are banding purple martins. They are banding in four counties: Ottawa, Sandusky, Putnam and Erie. Lisa would like to band 10,000 martins a year. They provide support for placing martin houses around the state and educate purple martin landlords.

8.       Thanks to Terri Thobaben and DeAnn Lee for organizing the food.

9.       Tom Cashmere moved to adjourn, Joe Cormoranzi seconds. Motion approved


 OBBA Business Meeting Minutes

Nov. 11, 2016

Minutes Taken by Bob Scott Placier, Secretary

Business Meeting:

1. The Business meeting opened at 11:00 a.m., at the Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary in
Connersville, Indiana. Bob Thobaben, President, presiding.

2. Twenty-five were in attendance.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

1. Minutes – not given. Secretary forgot to bring minutes. To be included in newsletter
before next meeting.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Cheryl Dykstra. OBBA continues to hold three CDs, with
laddered maturities. Interest paid is very low. Kelly Williams suggested that another
bank might be a better choice. Then it was suggested that a money market account
would be a better option than CDs. After discussion, Paula Bartlett moved, with Jill
Russell seconding the motion, that some of OBBA’s money be moved to a money
market account. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Research Committee – David Russell. Discussion about using Gray Catbird as a focal
species for data sharing amongst OBBA members, as one of the most commonly
banded species across the state. To date, 82 GRCA banded in Ohio have been
recaptured elsewhere. No action taken.

4. Membership – Bob Thobaben reporting. OBBA currently has 82 members, 52 paying
5. OBBA Website. Sandra Stone was not present. It was noted that she had not been
paid for her services since 2014. Tom Bartlett moved that she be paid $200.00 for
2015 and 2016, seconded by Kelly Williams. Motion passed unanimously. Treasurer
Dykstra will pay her.

6. Tom Bartlett gave an update on Northern Saw-whet Owl banding in Ohio for the fall
to that date. Over 170 NSWO had been banded, and some number (>10) of foreign
recaptures recorded. Results from banders reporting to Tom will appear in the Ohio

7. Dave Russell reported on his interactions with Hueston Woods State Park in regard

to invasive species, such as the shrubby Lonicera spp., and their effects on birds. He
has suggested using Swainson’s Thrush and Ovenbird as species to examine stopover
duration in areas with and without heavy presence of invasives in the understory.
How can control of invasives be justified to the park, due to the expense? Are these
the best species to use for the study?

Mark Shieldcastle reported on new migration monitoring protocols, which should be
adopted by those engaging in migration season banding studies. The standardized
protocols adopted by the Midwest Migration Network include use of the Helms and
Drury scale for assessing energetic condition, as well as incorporating point counts
and notation of all species detected during each banding session, not just birds

Old Business:

1. Banding records. When banders have passed away or have retired, where do their
records go? Every bander should make provision for future protection and access to
these valuable data sets. Black Swamp Bird Observatory can assist in this.

2. ODNR reporting requirements. Mark Shieldcastle observed that the state of Ohio,
and the Division of Wildlife, are entirely within their rights to be more restrictive on
banding activities, reporting requirements, and provision of permits than the federal
banding lab. Complaining is of no use, at best, and potentially harmful to the
interests of banders. The Heritage Database is very unwieldy, and was not designed
for what banders do. But it is what we will have to work with. It is critical that all
banders use Bandit 4.0. Mark is working on a way to meld data from the banding lab
with the state database, and will be providing a template for banders to fill in data,
including cutting and pasting, and drop-down menus. There will be glitches, no
doubt, but we need to make a good faith effort to work with DOW to iron them out.

New Business:

1. Site and date of Spring 2017 meeting? After general discussion, the Spring meeting
was tentatively set for April 8 at Hueston Woods SP, where Dave and Jill Russell
band at that time. Aullwood Audubon Center was proposed as a back-up location.
Further discussion centered on potential speakers for the meeting. Dick Tuttle
suggested he would like to have an entomologist speak on insect population trends
due to their critical importance to bird survival and nesting success.

2. The Fall 2017 meeting was set for Ottawa NWR on 8/26/17. Shorebird migration
banding should be ongoing at that time.

3. Nominating Committee: Most of the present officers have been in their positions for
multiple years, so we need to be seeking out members willing to take over.

4. Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.



OBBA Business Meeting Minutes

August 22, 2015

Minutes taken by Robert Scott Placier, Secretary

Business Meeting:

1.      The Business meeting opened at 11:00 a.m. at the Creek Bend Farm near Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio. Bob Thobaben, President, presiding.

2.      Thobaben reminded banders present to make plans for archiving their banding records for posterity. Short discussion ensued about institutions that would accept and protect them.

3.      Thobaben gave thanks to Tom Kashmer for playing host to the meeting, and for conducting the morning banding session.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

1.      Minutes of the previous meeting, March 28 2015, were submitted for approval by Bob Scott Placier, Secretary. Kelly Williams moved to accept the minutes as written, Cheryl Dykstra seconded. Minutes approved unanimously.

2.      Treasurer’s Report submitted by Cheryl Dykstra, Treasurer.

a.      Fifth Third checking account balance as of 7/31/15: $1728.17

b.      Dykstra reported that two of our three CDs were reaching maturity soon. Discussion followed about whether any changes should be made. Kelly Williams suggested that they should be kept on short terms, since interest rates might rise in the near future. Tom Kashmer moved that that be done, Jim Coffman seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

c.       There followed a short discussion on the observation that the issue of saving and storing banding data is related to what the purpose of our saving money might be. No conclusions.

3.      Research Committee: No report.

4.      Membership Report: OBBA has 66 members. There are numerous problems with the records, in terms of addresses, contact information, etc.

5.      Website: Sandra Stone not able to attend. OhioBirdBanding.org is the site.

Inland Bird Banding Association: Mark Shieldcastle reported that the upcoming meeting would be the second weekend of November. He also reported on the North American Banding Council (NABC) meeting at Baton Rouge in April. Bruce Peterjohn, chief of the Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) was present, and there were good conversations about his perspectives on current and future issues. A NEPA review of the BBL was to be conducted, and could be at least perceived as an unfriendly  

1.      attack. Shieldcastle emphasized the importance of increased training and professionalism in the banding community, and the importance of banding as a scientific tool.

2.      Thobaben announced the upcoming Ohio Avian Conference, to be held October 17 at Denison University in Granville.

Old Business:

            Repeated discussion on historical records.

New Business:

1.      Spring meeting date and location discussion. Several ocations were suggested. The final decision was to meet on April 2, 2016 at Deer Haven Preservation Park in Delaware County. Moved by Cheryl Dykstra, seconded by Kelly Williams, passed unanimously.

2.      OBBA officers. Terms coming to an end for the present officers. General sentiment was to ask the present officers – President Bob Thobaben, Secretary Bob Scott Placier, Treasurer Cheryl Dykstra – to continue one more year. So moved by Jim Coffman, seconded by Tom Kashmer. Passes unanimously.

3.      Electronic data submission. The possibility for OBBA banders to do so needs investigation and allocation of funds. Presently nest box records are accepted and maintained by Cornell Lab. And MAPS data has a home. But migration season records have no comparable repository. There is the possibility that such records could be handled electronically through the Black Swamp Bird Observatory. Dick Tuttle moved that OBBA spend up to $1,000 with BSBO to begin this. Mark Shieldcastle replied that this was premature, that a proposal from the observatory would need to be generated first. Shieldcastle will investigate what can be done to move data to electronic format, and report back to OBBA for the spring 2016 meeting.

4.      Tom Kashmer moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Kelly Williams. Approved unanimously.


OBBA Business Meeting Minutes

August 23, 2014

Minutes taken by Bob Scott Placier, Secretary

The August 23, 2014 meeting was held at Old Woman’s Creek Estuary in Huron, Ohio.

  1. The Business Meeting opened at 11:00 a.m., Bob Thobaben, President, presiding. Fifteen members were in attendance.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

  1. Minutes for the meeting of April 5, 2014 were presented by Bob Thobaben, in the absence of Melinda Simon, Secretary, who took the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Tom Bartlett, seconded by Kelly Williams. The minutes were approved unanimously.

  2. Bob Thobaben presented the Treasurer’s Report submitted by Cheryl Dykstra, Treasurer. There ensued some discussion about the CDs held by the organization, but resulting in no decision to make any changes. Tom Bartlett moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Kelly Williams. The motion passed unanimously.

  3. Research Committee: Bob Thobaben presented in the absence of Dave Russell. Discussion revolved around projects OBBA could take on as a group. Dispersal of Gray Catbird, a commonly banded species throughout Ohio, was discussed. And the possibility of working with a U. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduate student, Ambi Henschen, was also suggested. No action was taken on either idea.

  4. Bob Thobaben provided a membership update.

  5. Newsletter/Website: Sandra Stone, website manager, repeated her request for bird photos, along with identification, age and sex information, suitable for use on the webpage. And for published papers which could be linked to the site. Her contact is wren@fuse.net.

  6. Tom Bartlett reported on the Inland Bird Banding Association meeting he attended in Saskatchewan. He urged OBBA members to join IBBA. While there, in addition to the IBBA business meeting, Tom attended a Turkey Vulture banding conducted by Stuart Houston. And passerine banding as well, during which 98 birds were banded, including Olive-sided Flycatcher and Clay-coloured (in Canada, eh?) Sparrow. The 2015 meeting of IBBA will

  1. probably be in Mississippi, with a meeting planned for Kentucky in 2016. Canadian Stuart Mackenzie is the new IBBA chairperson.

  2. Bartlett also reported on the recent activities of the North American Banding Council (NABC). They recently conducted a bander certification field session at Long Point Bird Observatory. Two individuals passed. He also discussed the recently approved NABC protocols on visual recording (photos and video) of birds at banding operations. These protocols can be accessed at the NABC website (www.nabanding.net).

Old Business:

  1. At the previous meeting there was significant discussion regarding the new reporting requirements for banding data instituted by the Ohio DNR. These requirements were regarded as both onerous and not useful for either banders or the agency. After contact by OBBA members with the ODNR, the division decided that it could obtain what information it desired from the USGS lab, and that the proposed reporting requirements would be eliminated.

  2. Also at the previous meeting there was much discussion of long term preservation of banding records, and what institutions exist that would be willing and able to accept and protect such records. In addition to the entities discussed at the previous meeting, a new organization was brought into the discussion, the Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas (www.klamathbird.org) Members are urged to make provision for secure transmission of their records after their banding activities have come to an end.

New Business:

  1. Bob Thobaben announced the dates of the 2015 meetings. The spring meeting will be at the Aullwood Audubon Center near Dayton, to be held March 28. Three speakers are already lined up: Dr. Kelly Williams, on her research with Hooded Warblers; Dr. Bob Gates of Ohio State, on his work with Northern Bobwhites, and Dr. Cheryl Dykstra, on her work utilizing cameras to monitor nests of Red-shouldered Hawks. The fall meeting will be on August 22, at the recently constructed nature center in Sandusky County.

  2. Tom Bartlett discussed the signs he utilizes at his banding operations, and how members interested could obtain similar ones to be modified for their own use via e-mail from him. Contact hthomasbartlett@gmail.com

Motion to adjourn the business meeting was made by Tom Bartlett, and seconded by Kelly Williams. Motion was passed unanimously.


OBBA Business Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2014
Minutes taken by Melinda Simon, Secretary

The April 5, 2014 OBBA meeting was held at the Sharon Woods Metro Park in Westerville, Ohio.

Business Meeting:

  1. The Business Meeting opened at 11:00 AM, Bob Thobaben, President, presiding; 24 members, including students, attending.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

  1. Minutes for the meeting of August 24, 2013 were presented by Melinda Simon, Secretary. Motion to accept the minutes moved by Tom Bartlett, seconded by Irv Simon. Approved unanimously.

  2. Bob Thobaben reported on the results of this year’s election of officers, which was conducted electronically.

    1. President: Bob Thobaben

    2. Vice-President: vacant, seeking candidates

    3. Secretary: Bob Placier

    4. Treasurer: Cheryl Dykstra

Bob thanked Melinda Simon for her 6 years of service as Secretary.

  1. Treasurer’s Report submitted by Cheryl Dykstra, Treasurer:

    1. We have $1915.70 in the Fifth Third checking account as of 4/4/14.

    2. We have three CDs at The Fifth Third Bank.

      1. The first for $1349.38 now at .75% maturing September 13, 2015.

      2. The second for $1352.68 at 0.4%, maturing August 13, 2014.

      3. The third for $1388.90 at 0.05%, maturing October 23, 2014.

Mark Shieldcastle commented that at the last meeting in August 2013, as shown in the Minutes, it had been agreed that an upcoming maturing CD would be renewed for three years to create a continuing 3 year ladder. It appears that the last CD (iii. above) was instead renewed for only one year. It was agreed that the Treasurer should now renew the next two maturing CD’s for two and three years respectively to create a ladder with maturities in 2015, 2016 and 2017. This will ensure funds are available each year if needed and best accommodate future changes in interest rates.

    1. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report by Jim Coffman, seconded by Kelly Williams, passed unanimously.

  1. Research Committee:

    1. Research Committee Chair Dave Russell was not at the meeting due to a family commitment.

    2. Bob Thobaben offered several projects OBBA could take on as a group in the coming year which would measure the impact of climate change and human activities on avian species:

      1. Comparison of the dispersal of a permanent resident (e.g. Northern Cardinal) and a migrant (e.g. Gray Catbird). This would include any bird banded outside of Ohio but encountered within our State or a bird banded in Ohio, but encountered outside of our State. Changing climate, land use practices and introduction of genetically engineered crops may alter the dispersal of these two commonly banded birds. By using the Bird Banding Lab data and records from our members, we should get a picture of the dispersal of these species over the last few decades.

      2. Timing of Fall Migration (as Fall migration is more deliberate than Spring). Has the timing of migration changed with changes in climate, changes in agricultural practices, etc. (We could use the data of James Ingold for 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1987 for comparison.) Bob thinks there may be up to a 10 day shift in peak migration. He believes one can catch pulses of migration if you band every three days. Mark Shieldcastle noted the difficulty of obtaining statistically meaningful data without banding daily, as peaks can be easily missed. Mark, at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory banding station, isn’t seeing any significant change in migration timing, which is primarily day-length driven. He feels climate change could impact vegetation, resulting in mismatches between leaf-out and subsequent insect hatch and bird migration timing.

      3. Dick Tuttle noted there is a large data base available on cavity nesters whose success rate is declining. Perhaps birds are not evolving as fast as the changes in the insect food supply.

      4. Kelly Williams is interested in a project to assess the impact of the agricultural chemical, atrazine on hormone changes in males, from testosterone to estrogen. A pilot study of house sparrows would determine if there are any differences in samples across regions. She would need to collect brain samples from birds across the State, including breeders and non-breeders. (France has outlawed atrazine. Atrazine has been measured in agricultural workers. Frogs with changed sexual characteristics have been seen.)

  2. Newsletter/Website:

    1. Website: Sandra Stone asked for more photos and photo ID’s. Additionally, any published papers should be forwarded to Sandra, who will put them on the site.

    2. Please send to wren@fuse.net and be sure to ID all birds.

New Business Items:

  1. Bob Thobaben announced that Frank Lopez has offered to provide a meeting room at Old Woman’s Creek for free in return for OBBA providing a banding demo for his volunteers on International Migratory Bird Day, May 10th and a second free demo on the day of our next OBBA meeting on August 23, 2014. Bob indicated that as room rents are now up to $250, this was a generous offer we should accept.

  2. Bruce Peterjohn (bpeterjohn@usgs.gov), Chief of the Birding Lab, sent a communication of changes coming from the BBL. Bob provided copies. Bob also spoke by phone with Karen Jones at the Lab. Changes include: (1) new software, BANDIT 4.0 is replacing version 3.1, (2) BBL is willing to archive data for banders to avoid it being lost in electronic crashes. Banders enter all data into Bandit 4.0 (fat, wing cord, weight, etc.) so that when computers crash all the data is not lost, (3) Danny Bystrak (dbystrak@usgs.gov) of BBL indicated that as of 2015 all permit applications and renewals will be electronic, (4) banders should find an institution to be a repository for banding data after a bander is retired or passes away, (5) Craig Tuthill (ttuthill@usgs.gov), also of BBL, has communicated that ordering of bands will also be done in the future via the BBL website. Kelly Williams noted that sub-permittees can be approved for a limited number of species and that students can ask for a specific species approval. A non-blanket permit is easier to get approved now.

  3. Data needs to be in a form where it can be passed on to others with the death or retirement of a bander. Dick Tuttle suggested a safe for protection against fires. Mark Shieldcastle indicated that all banding data should be accompanied by effort data so that it can be used in research. Mark also identified two available data repositories: the Midwest Avian Data Center (where you can store data and control it) and the Avian Knowledge Network. There is also a National Heritage Data Base where anyone can enter data, but it may be too open to protect the information before publication. The Black Swamp Bird Observatory has agreed to be a repository for old banding investigation summaries. Other locations might include regional museums or universities.

  4. There was a discussion of the new ODNR data base, issued with no prior notice, which requires electronic submission of information by all individuals collecting animal samples, banding etc. The State of Ohio now requires bird banders to enter data, which is different in type and format from that sent to the BBL. Melissa Moser at ODNR is heading this program. Those who have entered data so far indicate it is time consuming and requires substantial re-formatting from the BBL schedules (for example: accepting only scientific names, not species identification). Bob Thobaben indicated that he and other banders are attempting to communicate issues to ODNR.

  5. Next OBBA Meeting: August 23, 2014 at Old Woman Creek State Nature Preserve in Huron, OH.

  6. Motion to adjourn at 12:00 Noon by Mark Shieldcastle, seconded by Jim Coffman; agreed unanimously.

OBBA Business Meeting Minutes
August 24, 2013

Minutes taken by Melinda Simon, Secretary OBBA Business Meeting Minutes

The August 24, 2013 OBBA meeting was held at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Center, near Oak Harbor, OH.

Business Meeting:

  1. The Business Meeting opened at 11:28 AM, Bob Thobaben, President, presiding; 17 members attending.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

  1. Minutes for the meeting of April 13, 2013 were presented by Melinda Simon, Secretary. Motion to accept the minutes moved by Julie West, seconded by Mark Shieldcastle. Approved unanimously.

  2. Treasurer’s Report by Cheryl Dykstra, Treasurer:

    1. We have $1592.20 in the Fifth Third checking account as of 7/31/13.

    2. We have three CDs at The Fifth Third Bank.

      1. The first for $1349.48 now at .75% maturing September 13, 2015.

      2. The second for $1352.68 at 0.4%, maturing August 13, 2013.

      3. The third for $1388.03 at 0.05%, maturing October 23, 2013.

There was discussion of what to do with the funds coming from the maturation of the CD on October 23, 2013. The consensus was to continuing the CD laddering approach by reinvesting these funds in a new 3 year CD.

    1. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report and ladder the CD’s by re-investing the CD coming due October 23, 2013 in a new 3 year CD by Mark Shieldcastle, seconded by Dick Tuttle, passed unanimously.

  1. Membership:

    1. Bob Thobaben reported that he had emailed 81individuals who are or had been OBBA members to assess their current status and interest in the organization. 57 of these 81 emails went through; the rest bounced back. Bob believes we have about 55 members.

    2. Dick Tuttle suggested Bob send a letter via the Postal Service to those whose email is not working.

  2. Research Committee:

    1. Dave Russell was not at the meeting having just returned from Fairbanks.

  1. Bob Thobaben reported that 7 individuals had taken the NABC test recently given by Dave Russell and Tom Bartlett and that 4 had passed. Those passing the test were Amy Wilms, Joshua York, Aaron Anderson, and Bradley Wilkinson. None of those taking the test achieved a 90% grade. Two, Aaron and Bradley received 85-86 grades and will take the field test in the future. Major difficulties on the test were : (1) life cycle of a bird species of one’s choice including all aspects of breeding, migration and summer ranges, (2) Humphrey-Parkes molt terminology, and (3) editing of a banding schedule with 20 errors which had to be reviewed and errors identified. Bob suggested that future test takers pay more attention to Pyle and the Bander’s Study Guide.

  2. Bob said we need more young people coming into OBBA who will conduct studies and become leaders in the future.

  3. Dick Tuttle said that the Banding Lab could provide addresses for Master Permit holders and that we could contact them to promote OBBA membership.

  4. Mark Shieldcastle said that the NABC is working to revise tests to make them more relevant to the real issues and problems with banding.

  5. There is a movement within NABC to promote a Bander’s Assistant Certificate. These individuals would take the NABC test but would be judged on only certain parts. They would take a field test focused on safe removal, identification of bird species and data collection.

  6. The Banding Lab does not require NABC certificates for licenses. Their primary criteria include sufficient experience and knowledge in the Master Bander application, (which can include NABC certification.)

  7. The Banding Lab wants sound scientific projects before providing bands. Bruce Peterjohn, head of the Lab, indicated the Lab will receive a 5.6% budget cut this year as part of a 10% cut to the USGS. Staffing is down 25% since he started with the Lab. The Lab will try to save money by issuing only one million bands per year. One quarter of all bands issued in the past have not been reported as used and are sitting on shelves. Bruce Peterjohn is trying to track down bands from those Master Banders who are deceased or no longer banding.

  8. Mark Shieldcastle reported that NABC will soon have a banding manual for those involved in only banding nest box species.

  9. Bob reported that Dave Russell is trying to create a pdf file of molt limits in various species to post on our website. Dave requested individuals send their best photos of molt limits and fault bars so he can compile this banding resource.

  10. There was a discussion about a protocol for migration monitoring. There will be more information on this when Mark Shieldcastle, Research Director of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, determines the final standardized protocol.

  1. Newsletter/Website:

    1. Website: Sandra Stone asked for more photos and photo ID’s.

    2. Please send to wren@fuse.net and be sure to ID all birds.

New Business Items:

  1. Bob Placier announced that the Spring 2014 OBBA meeting will be held on April 5, 2014 at the Sharon Woods Metro Park in Westerville, Ohio, just north of Columbus. We have the ability to band birds there if we wish. Bob Thobaben asked for suggestions on topics of interest and potential speakers.. There were suggestions of individuals from OSU, the Columbus Zoo, ODNR, and Grange Audubon Center.

  2. Melinda Simon mentioned a recent book review which appeared in the Wall Street Journal about Jed Burtt’s new book on Alexander Wilson. On April 23, 2014 there will be a meeting hosted by Dr. Burtt at Ohio Wesleyan with programs on Wilson. October 19, 2013 there will be a meeting at Denison University of a new group, American Avian Conservation and Research Institute, focused on Bird Conservation Research. Dr. Burtt will be the keynote speaker at this event. More information on the October 19 meeting is available at www.avianconservation.blogspot.com

  3. Tom Bartlett provided a summary of the morning’s banding at Winous Point: 115 birds (13 species) total including: Least Sandpiper (37); White Rumped Sandpiper (1); Short-billed Dowitcher (11); Wilson’s Snipe (5); Pectoral Sandpiper (11); Semipalmated Plover (7); Kildeer (8); Lesser Yellow Legs (6); Solitary Sandpiper (2); Semipalmated Sandpiper (19); Barn Swallow (3); Northern Roughwinged Swallow (3); Tree Swallow (2).

  4. Motion to adjourn at 12:20PM by Irv Simon, seconded by Mark Shieldcastle; agreed unanimously.

Secretary Note to Members: RE: OHIO CARDINAL

Several Members have inquired about sending information and photographs to the Ohio Cardinal. This publication has a new Editor, Craig Caldwell, who said he receives summary reports from members Mark Shieldcastle, Tom Bartlett, and several of the Saw-whet researchers, but would love to get more….especially short manuscripts for possible publication. You can reach him at craig_caldwell@sbcglobal.net

If you have photos, send them directly to the Photo Editor, Laura Keene at laurakeene@cinci.rr.com

OBBA Business Meeting Minutes
April 13, 2013

Minutes taken by Melinda Simon, Secretary OBBA Business Meeting Minutes

The April, 2013 OBBA meeting was held at the Sharon Woods Centre of the Hamilton County Parks.

Business Meeting:

  1. The Business Meeting opened at 11:05 AM, Bob Thobaben, President, presiding; 16 members attending (with a total of 27 present, which included guests present for the OBBA programs.)

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

  1. Minutes for the meeting of August 25, 2012 taken by Cheryl Dykstra and transcribed by Melinda Simon, were presented by Melinda Simon. Two corrections/clarifications were proposed for the minutes: Jim Coffman’s name was misspelled in section 3c. of the minutes. Dick Tuttle indicated his comment on paying speakers, also in section 3c. should have read “Dick Tuttle indicated he felt speakers should not necessarily be paid.” Motion to accept the minutes as modified by these two corrections, moved by Cheryl Dykstra, seconded by Dave Russell. Approved unanimously.

  2. Treasurer’s Report by Cheryl Dykstra, Treasurer:

    1. We have $1690.69 in the Fifth Third checking account as of 3/13/13.

    2. We have three CDs at The Fifth Third Bank. The first for $1349.48 now at .75% maturing September 13, 2015; the second for $1352.68 at 0.4%, maturing August 13, 2013; and the third for $1388.03 at 0.05%, maturing October 23, 2013.

    3. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report by Dick Tuttle, seconded by Sharon Pawlowski, passed unanimously.

  3. Membership: No new information.

  4. Research Committee:

    1. Dave Russell said that the NABC exam and training materials are being reworked. He is looking for pictures which illustrate various molts and specific pictures of wings (upper and lower sides), tail, profile of head and profile of body. Contact Dave at russeld@muohio.edu

    2. Dave Russell is also very interested in wing and tail samples from all species taken by individuals with appropriate salvage permits. Any he receives will be kept in freezers at Miami U. and used for the training manual.

    3. Dave Russell wants to create a regional guide for birds in Ohio.

    4. Photos are needed for the Ohio Cardinal. Please send photos of birds (no people included) in large digital file format. Bob Thobaben said he finds grey and light blue backgrounds work best for photos. Contact Dave Russell at russeld@muohio.edu

    5. Bob Thobaben said there were 109 individuals licensed to band in Ohio, but that only about 40 were active.

  5. Newsletter/Website:

    1. Website: Sandra Stone asked for more photos and photo ID’s. She noted there is a link to Sara Miller’s YouTube videos from the Red Shouldered Hawk Study project. Sandra has put the photos from banding at Caesar’s Creek on the site. She also has some photos of eagles at Lake Logan she will post. Sandra asked for photos and updates on banding projects which can be posted on the site. Please send to wren@fuse.net and be sure to ID any birds.

    2. Brochure: Bob Crouch communicated with Bob Thobaben before the meeting to say the brochure was still in development. Update at a future meeting.

New Business Items:

  1. Tom Bartlett and Dave Russell said that the NABC written exam will be given at 9AM on Tuesday April 23 at the Environmental Research Center (ERC) at Miami University. The field exam will be given in August.

  2. Dave Russell also reminded the group that his banding station at the ERC of Miami U., located 1mile north of the campus is open Tuesdays 8:30AM-12Noon from November to May. It is an open class, so all may attend.

  3. Bob Thobaben noted that Ohio, Michigan and Ontario are the inland States/Province with active bird banding organizations. Representatives regularly attend the Inland Birding Conference.

  4. The Fall 2013 OBBA meeting will be held on August 24, 2013 at the Ottawa National Wildlife Reserve featuring shorebird and passerine banding. Speakers invited thus far are:

    1. Dr. Andy Jones from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History who will speak on what can be learned from wings.

    2. Tom Kashmer who will talk about riparian corridors for migration.

    3. Matt Schuman who will discuss Breeding Bird Atlas changes, including species and ranges, since the 1982-87 BB Atlas was published.

    4. Katie, an OSU student, who will discuss the migratory strategy of red knots on the Chesapeake Bay.

There will be banding at Ottawa and possibly at the Davis-Besse power plant. Black Swamp Bird Observatory will likely participate.

  1. Locations for the Spring 2014 meeting, which will be held on April 12, 2014, was discussed. Dick Tuttle suggested the Grange Insurance Audubon Center in Columbus, where OBBA has met previously, and where Christy Vargo, a former Development Director for Audubon Ohio is now the Director, could be a good choice. Other options include the Delaware County Park, which has a new area under development and could include shorebird banding and participation by Dr. Rich Bradley, a retired Ohio State Professor, and Lake Hope Lodge in the Hocking Hills, a new facility with beautiful surroundings. If Grange is selected, both of these other sites will be considered for future meetings. Bob Placier will work on speakers for this meeting.

  2. Bob Thobaben discussed topics which had been covered at the Inland and Eastern Bird Banding Association meeting in Fall Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, Tennessee, which he had recently attended. They included using interstate tracking systems; studies of the effect of climate changes on specific species migration, breeding habits and success; new tracking systems using solar transmitters on birds as well as implanted transmitters on ducks; and sound recordings using weather balloons. The next Inland meeting is in Alberta, Canada and the next Eastern meeting in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

  3. Motion to adjourn at 11:57AM by Cheryl Dykstra, seconded by Dave Russell; agreed unanimously.

OBBA Business Meeting Minutes
August 25, 2012

Minutes taken by Cheryl Dykstra, transcribed by Melinda Simon, Secretary

The August, 2012 OBBA meeting was held at Lowe-Volk Park Nature Center in Crawford County, Ohio, hosted by Josh Dyer, Head Naturalist at Lowe-Volk and Robert Scott Placier, OBBA Trustee.

Business Meeting:

  1. The Business Meeting opened at 11:00 AM, Bob Thobaben, President, presiding; 21 members attending.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

  1. Minutes for the meeting of March 24, 2012 taken by Melinda Simon, were presented by Cheryl Dykstra, in Melinda Simon’s absence. Motion to accept as written, moved by Tom Bartlett, seconded by Dave Russell. Approved unanimously.

  2. Treasurer’s Report by Cheryl Dykstra, Treasurer:

    1. We have $1766.28 in the Fifth Third checking account as of 7/31/12.

    2. We have three CDs: one at Fifth Third for $1347.72 now at .4% maturing September 3, 2012; another at Fifth Third for $1344.43 at 0.4%, maturing September 3, 2012; one for $1384.54 at 0.55%, maturing September 20 2012.

    3. There was a discussion of investment options. Bob Thobaben indicated our funds will ensure we have money available and do not fall short, as occurred in the past. Dave Russell suggested that if the funds are there as a cushion, we consider longer-term investments. Sandra Stone suggested staggering investments in terms of future maturity. Jill Russell asked what funds are being used for, with the response that they cover business costs, speakers’ fees and rentals for our meetings. Dick Tuttle indicated he felt speakers should not necessarily be paid; Tom Bartlett and Cheryl Dykstra disagreed, feeling speakers should receive the small amount historically paid. Dick Tuttle also suggested not charging students to attend meetings. Dave Russell asked if we could spend $2000 to bring in a speaker from Point Reyes; Jim Coffman responded that this would be guided by OBBA’s mission statement.

    4. Sandra Stone moved that we stagger CD’s by purchasing a one, a two and a three year CD when the current ones mature. Passed unanimously.

    5. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report by Jill Russell, seconded by Jeff Hays, passed unanimously.

  3. Membership: OBBA membership is still about 40; the list needs updating.

  4. Research Committee:

    1. Dave Russell spoke with Mark Shieldcastle, who is involved with the Great Lakes Bird Initiative about securing new bands. The BBL is not issuing new bands unless they are for a specific project.

    2. Tom Bartlett added that you need to be approved by BBL.

    3. Dave Russell continued that BBL must approve all requests, is concerned about paying for all bands and has recently rejected permits for “ring and fling.”

    4. Dave Russell has talked with Mark Shieldcastle about how OBBA can do specific projects, means to put together a banding program for Ohio and how to develop specific guidelines for Ohio, including standardized maps, rules for intermittent banders, etc.

    5. Dave Russell indicated an interest in point counts around stations and is considering changing his own protocol to do so. He indicated that if we don’t collect data in the same fashion, then they are not comparable.

    6. Mark Shieldcastle has a protocol for IBBA; the view was that OBBA should have a common standard for all stations.

    7. Bob Thobaben spoke with Bruce Peterjohn at the BBL; band costs are coming down (currently $1.35), but are still expensive. Funding of BBL is declining, so they need to secure funds somewhere. Dick Tuttle suggested only banding nestlings….There was a discussion of how banders could lobby for BBL funding.

    8. There was more discussion on the goals of banding which BBL would support. In summary, it must be research based and utilize standardized protocols.

  5. Newsletter/Website:

    1. Website: Sandra Stone indicated a need to continue to update the website. Sandra asked for more photos and photo ID’s. She noted there is a link to Sara Miller’s YouTube videos from the Red Shouldered Hawk Study project. Bob Thobaben will update the list of active stations. Bob Placier asked about stations run by non-members of OBBA; Cheryl Dykstra said they should not be on the website. There was a suggestion that there be a discussion or chat portion of the website, which would need to be open to only OBBA members.

    2. Brochure: Bob Crouch provided updated copies of the brochure. Bob indicated it would be useful to have these at all banding stations. Jill Russell suggested they include OBBA’s mission statement. There was a discussion of what the mission statement should contain. It was noted by Sandra Stone, that OBBA’s “mission statement” is on the website. (OBBA is devoted to the understanding and conservation of birds that reside in or migrate through our state.) Ideas for formalizing this Mission Statement to emphasize research, public education etc. were discussed. Julie Shieldcastle said the most important information in the brochure should appear on Pages 1 and 2. Several individuals indicated it would be useful for the brochure to provide directions to banding stations and/or a map of Ohio with stations marked.

New Business Items:

  1. Jim Coffman asked if there are sub-permitee banders who are not OBBA members; there are many. Bob Thobaben will try to reach them and promote OBBA membership and participation in our activities.

  2. There was a discussion of NABC certification with the result that there will be a written test in Spring 2013 and a field test in Fall of 2013.

  3. The Spring 2013 meeting was discussed with options including The Wilds, Winton Woods in Cincinnati and Sharon Woods in Cincinnati as potential sites…and banding of Great Horned Owls as a possibility. Target date about April 6 or 13. (Subsequently confirmed for April 13 at Sharon Woods Park near Cincinnati.)

  4. A suggested location for the Fall 2013 meeting is to return to Lake Eire, etc. for shorebird banding. Date would be about August 24. This will be evaluated with those who would need to lead this effort, including Tom Bartlett and Tom Kashmer. (Subsequently confirmed for August 24 at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.)

  5. Motion to adjourn at 12:00 Noon by Cheryl Dykstra, seconded by Dave Russell; agreed unanimously.


OBBA Business Meeting Minutes
March 24, 2012

Minutes taken by Melinda Simon, Secretary

The March 24, 2012 OBBA meeting was held at Caesar’s Creek State Park Visitors Center, hosted by Rebecca Elefonte, Naturalist at Caesar’s Creek, and Bob Thobaben, OBBA President.

Business Meeting:

1.       The Business Meeting opened at 11:04 AM, Bob Thobaben, President, presiding; 21 members attending.

Officer’s/Committee Reports:

2.       Minutes for the meeting of October, 2011 taken by Melinda Simon, were presented. Motion to accept as written, moved by Tom Bartlett, seconded by Jeff Hays. Approved unanimously.

3.       Treasurer’s Report and current membership information by Bob Thobaben. (Cheryl Dykstra is the new Treasurer, but was not at this meeting.):

a.       We have $1717.32 in the checking account.

b.       We have three CDs: one for $1347.72 now at .4% maturing in September 2012; one for $1344.43 at 0.4%, maturing September 2012; one for $1384.54 at 0.55%, also maturing in September 2012.

c.       There was a brief discussion of other investment options which might produce more earnings, but it was agreed that these would carry more risk and complexity. Conclusion was to stick with CDs.

d.       Motion to accept Treasurer’s report by Dave Russell, seconded by Melinda Simon, passed unanimously.

4.       Membership/Qualifications:

a.       28 of 40 members have paid their dues this past year. There are 18 life members. There are 150 individuals who can band birds in Ohio…and would be potential OBBA members.

b.       Sharon Pawlowski and Eric Burgess successfully passed the field portion of the Master Bander qualifications test and are now fully qualified.

c.       Dave Russell is now fully certified as a NABC trainer.

d.       Next written NABC test will be in 2014.

5.       Elections: Bob Thobaben reported on the Board election results:

a.       Bob Thobaben was elected President.

b.       Bob Placier was elected Vice-President.

c.       Cheryl Dykstra was elected Treasurer.

d.       Melinda Simon was elected Secretary.

e.       Kelly Williams-Sieg is now past President.

f.        For the other two Board positions there were three potential candidates on the ballot: Dick Tuttle, Sandra Stone and Sara Miller. Sara Miller indicated she would only be in the Ohio area for the next few months and withdrew from consideration. Dick Tuttle and Sandra Stone were then elected to the available Board positions by unanimous vote of those present.

6.       Research Committee:

a.       Dave Russell covered progress on the Banding Training Manual which is being developed using digital pictures. This would be a “tabular Pyle” … a “Photographic Banding Manual”. He has a grant and a student to help with development and a good camera. The student will work with Dave to develop a template page which will be used for each species, with photos of each age and sex. Pictures including profiles, bills, wings, tails, molt, etc. will be included.

b.       Jill Russell suggested that banding information collected by OBBA members be incorporated into issues of the “Ohio Cardinal.”

7.       Newsletter/Website:

a.       Newsletter: The bylaws state we should have 2 newsletters per year, but does not specify how they are to be put out. We need to decide if electronic newsletters are sufficient, whether the bylaws need to be changed to reflect this and whether we would provide printed versions (perhaps at meetings) for non-electronic members.

b.       Website:  Sandra Stone is trying to improve the bird identification section of the website. She encourages members to send her banding photos by email or CD. Sandra would like photos of 15-20 birds, aged and sexed to put on the website as an ID quiz. Sandra also suggested members go to our current website, as Google counts these visits and this will elevate the current site above the old OBBA website, which is now obsolete.

c.       Brochure: Bob Crouch worked with Rick Lisi and Mark Shieldcastle to develop a prototype promotional brochure for OBBA featuring descriptions and pictures. He will obtain feedback from OBBA members and complete the brochure and print on appropriate stock.   

New Business Items:

8.       At the banding session held earlier in the day outside the Caesar Creek Visitor Center, we had 15 people from a birding group and a large group of about 20 children; about 50 total participants. (Rebecca Elefonte reported 27 birds banded plus 8 recaptures: 20 goldfinch, 3 juncos, 1 chickadee, 1 purple finch, 1 white breasted nuthatch, 1 cardinal.)

9.       The Fall 2012 OBBA meeting will be held on August 25 at Crawford County Park District, north of Franklin. Bob Placier is coordinating arrangements and speakers. Bob Thobaben will handle food.

10.   A suggested location for the Spring 2013 meeting  is The Wilds, in late February or early March. Bob Thobaben will contact The Wilds to check on this option. Jeff Hays might be available to band raptors…rough legged hawks, etc. Alternatives might be the Cleveland area, although most members live south.

11.   The Bird Banding Lab (Craig Tuthill) intends to provide bands only to banders who will submit an electronic schedule of their band usage.  No more paper schedules will be accepted. The lab is cutting staff and band costs are increasing. There was a discussion of how best to obtain needed bands, as it appears the new policy may limit banders to only receiving bands to replace the number previously used. There seems to be much confusion as to the new policy and how to best secure sufficient bands for multiple sites and sub-permitees.

12.   Dave Russell indicated he had heard that a change may be forthcoming from the BBL requiring prospective sub-permitees to handle a large number of birds (700-800) before they are made sub-permitees and operate on their own. This could be a problem for graduate students or others who study a limited number of species, such as raptors, where fewer birds are banded each year.

13.   Motion to adjourn at 12:00 Noon by Tom Bartlett, seconded by Jim Coffman; agreed unanimously.

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