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Individual $15.00/yr  -   Family $25/yr   -    Lifetime $250.00

New Membership & Renewal dues may be paid at any OBBA meeting.
(Dues may be included with registration fees)

All renewals are due January 1 of each year. Members who do not renew
by the Spring meeting will be removed from the mailing list.


Student Memberships

School students volunteering at a Rostered OBBA Research Project, at least twice in one season/year, receive a one-year membership -- FREE! (Project coordinator/station operator must submit names and addresses of students to the newsletter editor)

Qualifying students are those in any level of education where volunteering at a bird banding station is strictly volunteer and not part of a course of study, class, or workshop related to a course or class.

Extra copies of newsletters are available upon request to teachers and/or college professors who wish to share OBBA information with their students. Newsletters may be copied for this purpose only.



Donations are accepted and encouraged. Donations may include, but are not limited to: bird books/field guides, banding supplies, binoculars, and monetary gifts. All items donated will be used for OBBA programs and education purposes.


For questions concerning membership or items donation, contact the President  President@ohiobba.org


For comments e-mail: Web Developer

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