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Past OBBA Presidents

1981-1983 Marie Morgan
1984-1985 Mark Shieldcastle 
1986-1987 Bob Thobaben
1988-1989 Mark Shieldcastle
1990-1992 Tom Bartlett
1992-1994 Julie Shieldcastle

OBBA Business Meeting Minutes
 1994-1996 Dave Skinner
1996 Jim Coffman
1996-1998 Tom Kashmer
1998-2000 Nelson Moore
2000-2002 Lester Peyton
2003-2004 Tim Tolford
Thanks to our leaders who have kept OBBA going the past 22 years!
2004-2006 Tim Tolford
2006-2008 Cheryl Dykstra
2009-2011Kelly Williams-Sieg
2012-2013Bob Thobaben
2014 -2015Bob Thobaben
2016 - 2017Bob Thobaben
 2018- 2019Bob Scott Placier

About OBBA

I have been OBBA President for six years and I am handing off the president to Bob Scott Placier starting in 2018. 

Mission Statement
The objectives of the organization shall be to improve and enhance bird banding techniques of researchers statewide, to assist those who choose to use bird banding in their research by helping to see that it is done according to the standards as set forth by the Bird Banding Laboratory and the North American Banding Council, and to educate and involve the public in the study, conservation, or enjoyment of birds in the State of Ohio.

With itís Constitution and By-Laws, the Ohio Bird Banding Association (O.B.B.A.) was organized in 1981 and began regular meetings in August of that year. Our group is composed of concerned ornithologists who band birds to increase our understanding of avian ecology and migration. It also includes birding enthusiasts, who assist banders or wish to learn more about birds. All OBBA outings, meetings and activities are open to anyone! We encourage students, professors, teachers, etc., families and friends to come and learn about birds and nature.

OBBA is devoted to the understanding and conservation of birds that reside in or migrate through our state. There are over 100 licensed bird banders that operate in Ohio under the auspices of the United States Geological Service and the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

By becoming a member of OBBA today, bird banders, birders, bird enthusiasts and YOU can enjoy the following:

Two conferences held each year in different locations in the state, where various guest speakers present research and general bird conservation issues and information..

A Public Banding Demonstration at Caesar's Creek State Park.  Early Spring a flyer to be published here soon.

Informal exchange and discussions of information, ideas, tips, techniques and banding ethics in accordance with the North American Banding Council (NABC) guidelines.

Cooperative Research Projects such as M.A.P.S. banding, as well as the banding of neotropical migrants, bluebirds, swallows, and raptors, to name a few.


Periodic updates on conservation issues at the national and state level.

Comments from the Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) and the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP) relating to banding procedures, M.A.P.S. (Monitoring

Avian Productivity and Survivorship) and data collection techniques.

Access to procedures, training and testing opportunities for obtaining a federal and state of Ohio bird banding license/permit in accordance with NABC guidelines.

Learn methods and techniques for attracting or locating birds for banding or observation.

Learn methods for collecting, organizing, and publishing bird ecology information.

A repository for bird banding data upon the retirement or death of an Ohio resident.

A resource for avian field guides and texts including: updates on species identification, and techniques to properly age and sex birds.

A resource for locating banding stations near your vicinity for opportunities to volunteer. Visit our website and volunteer today!

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